If you one to speed up your real estate website, and you are not sure how to do this, there are many ways of getting your pages to load faster. One of the problems associated with having a website that shows multiple pictures and videos of houses you are selling is that it is very image oriented. Unless you have the proper type of images that will load fast, and also a website that is designed to load within seconds, people could be waiting for more than five seconds for every page. This can diminish your returns on paying for the traffic that you receive because people will simply go to another website instead of waiting. Here are some tips on how you can speed up your real estate website so that the traffic you receive will want to stay, potentially leading to another sale or you could check out https://gggmarketing.com/west-palm-beach/web-design/.

Reduce Your Image Sizes

One of the tricks that many realtors use is they will put thumbnail images, roughly 200 x 200 pixels. These are either done with a PNG or JPEG format. These formats tend to load very quickly, and due to the small size, these images will load fast. If you have five or 10 images on one page, or even 20, the load time is going to be less than a second. When they click on the images, they are then taken to a separate page where larger images will be visible. You can introduce more interior and exterior images at that point. Always make sure that the initial images that they see are small enough to load fast, but large enough to pique their interest.

How To Have Your Videos Load Faster

You can have your videos load very quickly if you are using an MP4 format. The worst one that you can use is in MOV format. Not only will this load more slowly, but it requires more bandwidth due to the size of the images, and it also causes many computers to run much more slowly. Therefore, you have two things running against you. You have the size of the file which is going to download much more slowly, and the fact that MOV files process very slowly on computers that have very little RAM. Therefore, convert all of your and videos into MP4 format to have them load faster, preferably keeping many of them, or all of them, on your YouTube channel.

Use Thumbnails To Display Your Videos

You can use thumbnail images to display your videos which is going to help load times. If you are using an embedded video from YouTube, this is not problem. Using another hosting service for your videos, or if you are hosting them on your own server, you want to make sure that you use a JPEG or PNG file for the thumbnail.

Use A Fast Theme

You can use a very fast theme on your website which is also going to solve part of this problem. If you are using an HTML theme instead of a dynamic PHP theme, you are going to see problems with the website loading. That is not true of all HTML themes, and vast improvements have been made, but most people prefer using a dynamic website. Another benefit to using a dynamic website is that it can self adjust. The theme is able to tell what the user is using to view your website. Therefore, it will reconfigure the appearance of the website, along with all of the images and videos, to cater to those looking on a smart phone, tablet computer, or a standard PC. This will help your website not only load much more quickly, but it will make everything much more user-friendly which will prompt people to spend more time on your website potentially purchasing a home from you.

These are just a few ideas to consider if you would like to speed up your real estate website. It’s not that hard to do. You can always find a reputable individual that will be able to create all of this for you for a minimal price as long as you research the different website companies that are out there.